Whiskey Wise

Tastings, Classes, and Events

Based in Louisville, Kentucky

My belief

Whiskey is so much more than a drink, in fact in Kentucky, it's practically a religion. Whether you are a hardcore enthusiast or a whiskey virgin, you can't deny whiskey's allure. I'm here to make whiskey more accessible.

If you are a beginner, the world of whiskey can be intimidating. A bar can have an entire menu dedicated to whiskey, and how do you know what to choose? I can help. I can explain the fundamentals of whiskey and give you the knowledge to enter the world of whiskey with confidence. 

If you're not new to the world of whiskey, there is still a lot to learn. I love to tell the story of a whiskey and delve into it's history. On top of that, I can introduce you to new whiskeys that might challenge your palate or expand your horizons. And if you are looking to take your enjoyment to the next level, I teach you how to pair whiskeys with food or even host your own tastings at home.

Good whiskey is whiskey that you like to drink. Let me help you find those good whiskeys and have a great time.

Our Sommelier

Mitch Wettle

I'm Mitch Wettle, and I founded Whiskey Wise in 2017. I obtained my Whiskey Sommelier Certification from the only school in America to offer such accreditation, The Whiskey Marketing School in Austin , Texas. I have been making whiskey barrels as a Cooper for four years, and I'm a third generation whiskey industry veteran. I am located in Louisville, Kentucky and serve Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio.